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  • Another video of the meeting in Pforzheim - June 2015

  • Officiel Video of the meeting in Pforzheim - September 2014

  • Comenius Meeting in Pforzheim 10-15 february 2014 - March 2014

    Comenius Meeting in Pforzheim 10.02. - 15.02.2014
    During the Comenius meeting in Pforzheim, in a lab workshop hundred students and teachers came together and worked together in the innovative field of biotechnology.
    Program of the launch event :
    Schedule of the Comenius Meeting :
    The results of the lab workshop are two evaluated experimental lessons which are now ready for implementation at European high schools : Creation of a genetic fingerprint by RFLP Discover the principles of (...)

  • Protocol on the results and agreements of the Comenius meeting in Pforzheim - February 2014

    1. Hamburg meeting – update and info
    Arrival: 2nd – 5th April – Arrival = 2nd / departure is Saturday Accommodation: Hotel will be more expensive than Brno. 80-90 € per night. We will stay near the school, suburbs with good bus connections – 15 min travel. This is cheapest possible way. Info tip for trains: Some intercity trains stop at Harburg. This is train station before Hamburg Main Station and location of the school! Groups coming with trains may, if possible, choose intercity trains (...)