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  • Detection of genetically modified food by PCR - November 2014

    The experiment describes the investigation procedure if food is genetically modified or not. After DNA isolation out of food, specific sequences of the cauliflower mosaic virus promoter and the NOS terminator which are very often used for the regulation of the foreign gen, were amplified via PCR. The amplified DNA sequences will be separated by agarose gelelectrophoresis and made visible in the gel by staining.
    If the CAMV Promoter or the NOS terminator were used in the gen modification (...)

  • GMO PCR - Presentation - October 2013

  • GMO PCR - Procedure - October 2013

    Protocol for DNA extraction and PCR
    I. Extraction of DNA
    1. Preparation
    1.1 Label 2 screw cap tubes with:
    non-GMO (-GMO)
    food sample (T)
    and your group number!
    1.2 Pipet 250 µl of homogenised InstaGene-Matrix from your tube labeled “IG” in both tubes!
    There have to be the same amount of beads in both tubes!
    2. Extraction of DNA from „non-GMO food“
    2.1 Weigh out 1 g of certified non-GMO food and put it in a mortar!
    2.2 Add 5 ml of distilled H2O!
    2.3 Homogenise the mixture for about (...)

  • Backgroung : Generation of transgenics plants - October 2013

    Background : Generation of transgenics plant

  • Background: applications of pcr - October 2013

    Background : applications of PCR

  • Background: PCR experiment overview - October 2013

    Background : PCR experiment overview

  • Background: PCR-principle - October 2013

    Background : PCR-principle