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  • Video of the meeting in Evreux - June 2015

  • Comenius meeting in Senghor high school in Evreux - June 2015

    The french Senghor high school, and more particularly its section biotechnology, just organize and host the April 13 to 18, a meeting bringing together more than 80 people, students and teachers from 9 countries across Europe. This meeting is one of the deadlines of the European Comenius project in biotechnology "Innovative methods of research and diagnostic in life sciences" for which the school is involved since 2013. For more information on this project, please visit the The main (...)

  • The teams in Evreux meeting - April 2015

    The eleven teams present at the meeting of Evreux and the winner is science education !

  • Pictures of the Evreux meeting - April 2015

  • Protocol on the results and agreements of the Comenius meeting in Evreux - April 2015

    Final Report Must be written until the end of our meeting in Istanbul in the middle of june it’s possible that the requested form will not be available before July, Consists of an common part, which is identical for all teams and describes e.g. sustainability of the project, dissemination of the results, publicity and an individual part concerning the mobility’s of each team which every team has to do by themselves. The teams are asked to send to Jürgen Baun all kind of ideas concerning the (...)

  • Program of the meeting in Evreux - March 2015

    Web page for the preparation and presentation of the Comenius meeting in April 2014 in Evreux
    Program of the meeting
    Monday, April 13: Arrival at the hotel Dinner at school Welcome evening
    Tuesday, April 14: Welcome ceremony - speeches of academic leaders First day of manipulation in Senghor High School (9h00 - 18h00) Lunch and dinner at school Cinema at school "untouchables" in English of course
    Wednesday, April 15: Second day of manipulation in Senghor High School (9h00 - 15h00) (...)