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Published 11 October 2014
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Protocol on the results and agreements of the Comenius meeting in Brno

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The completed project 2010-2012

The project was awarded as a star project by the EU.
“The Game of Proteins” project is brilliant in many respects: it is a showcase for high-quality international cooperation, continuously involving all 11 partners of the project. The results, which are all easily accessible and well-documented in EST, are of high quality. Pupils worked independently in an international context and developed practically oriented teaching modules in the field of proteomics, which were then put into practice in the partner schools. The project was well supported by research institutes and companies. Results were disseminated in research magazines and educational books and the evaluation of the project was done professionally.“

For additional information:

A copy of the corresponding article distributed to all teams.

The new project 2013-2015

1. Calculation of the mobilities for each school

This was compiled for each meeting separately to ensure that all teams reach at least the agreed 24 mobilities abroad at the end of the project. In addition, now each host school knows in advance how many guests are to be expected at the meeting (see the attached table).

2. Updated project meetings plan

- teacher-student meeting in Hamburg between 2-5 April 2014,

- for the teacher-student workshop in Vienna will be sent 4 mentors per school from Hamburg (A) , Evreux (B), Lithuania (C) and Miskolc (D),

- the exact date of the teacher-student workshop in Evreux needs to remain open until Pforzheim, there are respectively three mentors from Pforzheim (A), Granada (B), Vienna (C), Hamburg (D) as well as 10 local students as mentors scheduled,

- agreement made by consensus: the last project meeting will take place at the Turkish partner school instead of Levoča.

3. Meeting in Pforzheim between 10-15 February 2014

- arrivals of each of 4 mentors from the Czech Republic (A), Slovakia (B) Turkey (C) and Switzerland (D) on Friday, the 7th February 2014,

- the groups A and D will travel to Pforzheim by train and will be picked up at Pforzheim Main Train Station,

- the groups B and C fly to Stuttgart-Echterdingen, where they will be picked up,

- all mentors will be staying at least during the weekend with the mentor partner families of the Johanna-Wittum Schule (JWS) to ensure that all mentors are adequately supervised and to strengthen the sense of "us",

- Saturday and Monday are training days for all mentors in the school under the direction of Jürgen in order to optimize the presentation topics already well prepared in the home school, see the overview in the distributed CD or on this website,

- Sunday is to be used by the mentor partners for practice in the host families.

4. Planned experiments

- the experiments will be conducted in 32 international working groups of 2 people;

- Tuesday (11 February 2014) : DNA fingerprinting by restriction
Stefan shortly introduced this experiment and pointed out that all necessary information was stored on the CD distributed in Brno or on this website. After the Pforzheim meeting, the JWS intends to send all the experiment kits also to interested project partner schools abroad;

- Wednesday (12 February 2014) : Analysis of food samples for the presence of genetically modified organisms by PCR
Vincenzo explained the general procedure used in this experiment and also referred to the CD handed out in Brno. Food samples can also be brought by the participants.

5. Concept of the mentor tasks in Pforzheim

Jürgen Braun introduces the folders in the CD to the experiments:

- background information with the presentations to the two experiments; the stored presentations are prepared proposals for the mentor teams, each consisting of a German host mentor and an international mentor partner. If a mentor does not understand his/her part to be presented, it can be explained by the specialist teachers or he/she can prepare own paper/presentation on his/her subject.
Important: always check with the German mentor partner in advance!
Important: until 6 December 2013, the mentors must be chosen; their names and email addresses must be provided to the JWS!

- film sequence with the model presentation on the working method of restriction enzymes, so far only available in a German version; objective: to offer this movie in an English version,

- Word documents for international working group participants;

- PowerPoint versions for the presenting mentors;

- to expand the responsibility of the students, there will be formed discussion round teams for the experiments, each consisting of 3 international participants who are not mentors:

  • for the experiment “genetic fingerprinting”: 1 student each from Vienna, Hamburg and Granada,
  • for the experiment “evidence of genetic changes“: 1 student each from Evreux, Vilnius and Basel.

6. Organization of accommodation, food and finances

- the participants will be accommodated in the youth hostel “Burg Rabeneck”:

- the 6th December 2013 also applies to providing the list of the other participants in the project meeting in Pforzheim. Required information: surname, first name, age and gender (for students), vegetarian...

- until Christmas, our calculated costs for accommodation/breakfast and the remaining project costs will be announced as well as the bank account with BIC and IBAN to which the money can be paid prior to the meeting,

- all project partner teams are kindly requested to plan their arrival to Pforzheim Main Train Station. I will provide the exact description of the route direction from Stuttgart Echterdingen airport to Pforzheim by train (up to 1.5 hour);

- those who find a good flight connection to Frankfurt Airport, must allow for the train to Pforzheim up to 2.5 hours.

7. Homework not later than the meeting in Pforzheim

- review your school presentations in terms of their attractiveness (pictures say more than words), remake them if necessary, and then as soon as possible upload them on our joint project platform presented by Fabrice and Olivier. Each partner has received his/her own password. You should take responsibility for the involvement of your students. In case of problems, contact the French Comenius friends;

- write and upload a short introduction article providing the email address,

- translate the documents "practice" on the CD to conduct the experiments into your own language, both Word document and PowerPoint version. Important: only replace the English sentences! Photos and formatting shall remain untouched! Then upload the translations to the joint project website. This work is important for the subsequent publication on the EST website;

- provide the mentors with the necessary assistance in their professional preparation.