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Published 6 June 2015
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Comenius meeting in Senghor high school in Evreux

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The french Senghor high school, and more particularly its section {{}} biotechnology, just organize and host the April 13 to 18, a meeting bringing together more than 80 people, students and teachers from 9 countries across Europe.

This meeting is one of the deadlines of the European Comenius project in biotechnology "Innovative methods of research and diagnostic in life sciences" for which the school is involved since 2013.
For more information on this project, please visit the The main homepage of this project or [The page on the website of the school>]


During this week the participants were able to practice {{}} laboratory experiments on the theme of nosocomial infections {{}}, ie bacterial infections acquired during hospitalization.
The second part of the week was dedicated to culture: discovery of cultural heritage, French architectural and historical.

Summary of the week ...

Tuesday, April 14 and Wednesday April 15: Experiments in laboratory

Participants were welcomed to the school attended by Mrs. Bonnefoy, biotechnology Inspector of the Academy of Rouen, M. Launay, Academic Delegate for European and international relations and cooperation, and M.Goubert, headmaster of the school.

Students and teachers have discovered the theme of the meeting “Nosocomial infections”, and associated practical activities:
- identification of a bacterium responsible for a nosocomial infection,
- selection of an appropriate antibiotic to treat the infection,
- search the origin of bacterial contamination.

The details of the experiments and the laboratory procedures are available here on the site of the projet.

Several scientific presentations were made to discover the bacterial world, antibiotics and nosocomial infections. These presentations, in English language, were led by students, each time by a French student with his European counterparts.
In addition, all members were able to attend a conference on nosocomial infections presented by a PhD student from a research laboratory "Microbiology - Signals and Microenvironment" from Evreux.

All the students and teachers were supervised in laboratory by the frech students whose mission was to explain the different practical steps.

The french biotechnology students involved in the project:

At the end of the second day in laboratory, a visit of Evreux was organized. The visitors discovered the charm of the city center, the belfry and the Cathedral. At the end of the afternoon, the group was welcomed at City Hall by the Mayor of the city.

Thursday, April 16: Visit Paris

Paris discovery day for all our participants ! Riverboat ride and walking tour in the french capital to discover its most beautiful monuments (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, etc.).

Friday, April 18: Visit the landing beaches, the Caen memorial ...

A dive in the history of Europe and the World for the last day of culture. Participants were able to discover the high places of the Normandy “D-day” in June 1944: Omaha beach, Pointe du Hoc ... visit the Colleville American Cemetery and Memorial of Caen. The visits were commented in English by M.Grillet, high school history teacher.