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Published 20 April 2015
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Protocol on the results and agreements of the Comenius meeting in Evreux

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Final Report

- Must be written until the end of our meeting in Istanbul in the middle of june
it’s possible that the requested form will not be available before July,

- Consists of an common part, which is identical for all teams and describes e.g. sustainability of the project, dissemination of the results, publicity and an individual part concerning the mobility’s of each team which every team has to do by themselves.

- The teams are asked to send to Jürgen Baun all kind of ideas concerning the points in the common part (sustainability of the project, dissemination of the results (what impact had the results in the surroundings?), publicity, implementation (how do you use the prepared experiments in the own lessons at school?), so that it can be used for the final report. It’s also possible to upload the information on our project homepage until May, 15th (Friday).

- It’s our goal that this project will be also a star project as the others did.

- Every team has to send the final report to the national agency. They will give a feedback.

- The evaluation will be done in Germany.

- Last but not least it’s very important for every team to upload the documents on the homepage of EST. In other case you will not get the outstanding amount of money (20%). Every team has to write a summary in their own language.

Meeting in Istanbul (10.-14.6.2015)

Turkish team will send us information how to get to school from the different airports and also the banking account.

New Application Erasmus+

If we are successful with our application the first meetings will take place in
- Vilnius 5. – 11.10.2015 with at least 1 teacher and 1 student of each team
- Pforzheim 21. – 27.02.2016 with at least 1 teacher and 5 students

Protocol was written by Renate Pletschen
April, 20th 2015