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Published 15 February 2014
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Protocol on the results and agreements of the Comenius meeting in Pforzheim

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1. Hamburg meeting – update and info

Arrival: 2nd – 5th April – Arrival = 2nd / departure is Saturday
Accommodation: Hotel will be more expensive than Brno. 80-90 € per night. We will stay near the school, suburbs with good bus connections – 15 min travel. This is cheapest possible way.
Info tip for trains: Some intercity trains stop at Harburg. This is train station before Hamburg Main Station and location of the school! Groups coming with trains may, if possible, choose intercity trains stopping at Harburg.

Action for all country teams:
15th March is deadline for sending Horst arrival times (travel booking).

Questions / Actions to be considered:
Colleagues want to know if there will be a demonstration of the Lonza gel system in Hamburg? France already possesses 2 such systems. 8 Systems would be sufficient to run the entire lab in Vienna.
French team will be demonstrating the system in Hamburg. If a few of our partner schools would decide to buy 1 or 2 such systems, the French colleagues did not have to change protocol! One gel set-up costs about 500€. Advantage of system: Bands can be followed directly during run.

Action for organisers of lab sessions:
Latest date for protocols and other info for Vienna meeting is Hamburg (upcoming April). This gives the Hamburg team at least 6 months of preparation time. Info about disease, variation of DNA will be provided by Hambourg team as soon as possible.

Note from protocol writer – you may look at the system here:

2. Vienna meeting – update and info

Meeting date: 4th week of September 2014
Public transportation: Everybody will be given a 7-day ticket for public transport in Vienna (direct tram available between school and hotel)
We will live in-between City and the School, near underground, 20 min ride plus 10 min walk.
Group size: around 80 people
2 experiments planned: 1 from Evreux (planned for first day), one from Hamburg (planned for second day).
Arrival of mentors and coordinating teachers from Hamburg & Evreux on Friday 19th Sept.

Action for Hamburg and Evreux:
- Finalize and communicate to Austria team who of your teachers will be joining the work groups on Friday 19th Sept.

Action for all country teams:
- Please check and finalize total mobilities.
- provide names, age and gender of students to organizers, in order to organize their stay with local students.
- Deadline: Hamburg meeting.
- please control mobilities

Leisure part: The entire group will be divided in small groups for sight seeing tours.
Action for all country teams: Wishes for sight seeing are welcome and can be arranged.

Update of work in progress for Vienna lab sessions
- State of art of Hamburg experiment:
Protocols not completed yet – experiments have to be revised.
Equipment: NCL foundation donates DNA (of diseased humans). Time can be saved as PCR is now directly performed with this material without need for prior DNA isolation. This will give us more time for discussions.
Peter needs to know more about the background of disease. Horst explains it as Lipid metabolism that destroys nervous system called NCL or Batten disease.

Note from protocol writer: For the time being, an NCL fact sheet may be downloaded here: .

Action for Hamburg: Horst will send both, detailed information on Batten disease and a materials list for lab equipment to Austria team. Info: consider that there will be 4 groups with 8 mentors to be calculated with.

- State of art of Evreux experiment:

Topic: prove of presence of Erwinia bacteria – Erwinia is a pathogen infecting potatoes etc. Objective of lab is to detect Erwinia.

Action for Evreux colleagues: Protocols of second experiment to be sent to Peter. (The basics/principles of PCR (presentations) are already available; still missing are the specific experiments. Info: consider that there will be 4 groups with 8 mentors to be calculated with. Checklist from Evreux is already available.

To share experience of his Pforzheim organization. (At least 10 students worked in the background. At least 40 students will be needed to do the entire experimental work!)
Horst doubts that there will be enough students but Clemens points out that there will be at least one entire class available to work in the background.
In addition there has to be considered that one teacher each from France and Germany needs to be there with the mentors (on the weekend) to explain the experiments.

3. Miscolc meeting – update and info

Date: 11-14 February 2015
Foreseen activities: School visit, sight seeing tour through Miscolc (City hall); University
Travel info: 180 km from Budapest (Airport) or Cochiza Airport (also close)
From Budapest it is a 2 hours Intercity train to Miscolc
Accomodation: in City for teachers, in families of students for guest students.

Program will arrive later.

4. Evreux meeting – update and info

Evreux (and Istanbul) are not yet on this meeting agenda. However, some info is being discussed as follows:

Date: 13-18 April 2015
Setting: 4 Labs limited number of seats (80 lab spaces available)
Limit concerning mobilities: 7 people of each country (2 teachers/ 5 students) is max

Jürgen: is it possible to decrease some mobilities and increase Hamburg and Pforzheim?
- Action for all country teams: please control mobilities and consider eventual cuts.

5. Istanbul meeting – update and info

Date is still being discussed. Last week of May or first week of June?

- Action for Elif: to collect information and propose a date accordingly.
- Action for all country teams: send limiting factors and exclusion dates to Elif.
Pforzheim points out: Istanbul is not possible to happen in July – as final Project report will be written then.

6. DNA Fingerprint set – to rent

Offer from Dr Braun: DNA Fingerprint Set can be borrowed.
Johanna Wittum School lends out finger print set chests to all partner schools (for a 14 days period, time is negotiable).
For Comenius friends there is a 3rd set available completely for free. Chests of about 30kg contains complete set of the Fingerprint experiment including chemicals:
4”colours” with 8 workgroups each.
In Germany there is also a teacher education session available for the experiment – just as the one we did in Pforzheim now.
UPS delivers the chest all over Europe.

7. Various questions & comments

Local Newspapers reported on Comenius project already. Pforzheim team distributes 2 Originals per team and copy templates for students).

Dr Braun asks whether the new way of doing discussion rounds during the lab sessions should be continued or not. He however does not wish for any feedback at this point.

Renate Pletschen communicates some instruction for the rest of the week including meeting times in morning for social programs on Thursday and Friday and departure times for Saturday (flights and trains).

Everybody should also be aware of the youth hostel rules, cleaning, checking out and handing back all keys. This should be communicated to students.

Meeting minutes were recorded by Regina Bandi