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Published 3 April 2014
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Travel diary of the french team - Pforzheim - February 2014

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Monday, February 10th

Meeting at the station of Evreux at 8:50 am to take the train in the direction of Paris Saint-Lazare. Arrived at Saint-Lazare, we took the subway for the second step of our journey: East station, with suitcases loaded well (in particular for the girls)! Strength and perseverance were well useful for us !

This train leaves us to Karlsruhe, first stop in Germany with a warm welcome of an electric pigeon. The week promise to be full of emotion! Last train in direction of the station of Pforzheim, in which we were welcomed by German teachers and students to take us to the youth hostel. The most lucky had the Audi all equipped !

Attribution of rooms, choice of beds and establishment of the organization, we are finally settled. The five French girls were in the same room whereas both boys shared their room with two Spanish boys.
While waiting for the meal we made a small tour of relaxation in the streets of Pforzheim.

First meal all together at the restaurant “Rabeneck” near 8:30 pm. Students were separated to get to know each other better. To the menu: soup, chips, pastas and coated with breadcrumbs turkey accompanied with a speech of Doctor Braun.
Unfortunately the bread and the dessert didn’t seem to be a part of a "German" meal.
After big day and meetings such as Rafael (Spanish), Benedeck alias «booboo "(Hungarian) and Stanislava (Slovak), we were finally able to go to sleep and to take back our strengths.

Tuesday, February 11th

Woken in 6:15am, it’s certainly the best night when we spent. Washed, dressed and prepared, we went to have lunch.
At about 8 am, we took the bus to go to the high school " Johanna-Whittum-Schule " of Pforzheim. We have was entitled to a speech of a member of the German Ministry of Education, the director of the high school as well as doctor Braun. Further to all this, we were able to begin the manipulations.
The theme of the manipulation was the analysis of the DNA by electrophoresis. We had several samples of suspects’ DNA and we had to find the criminal...

All the 1:30 am, we were entitled to a "coffee break": pretzels, hot drinks...
We do not starve in Germany !

At the end of the day, near 17 hours, we shared the results. They were commented and explained to all the pupils by doors-words (pupils having manipulated). Two French pupils were questioned: Erwan and Donovan !

At the end of the day, while we ended hardly the manipulations, we visited a museum of jewels and precious objects. We were able to observe African dresses, as well as jewels of Antique Egypt and modern jewels.
To finish the day, we had at arrangement of small sandwiches. Another very busy day !

Wednesday, February 12th

As before, we got up early because the bus arrived at 8am.
We returned to school for the second day of manipulation. This time, the goal was to extract DNA of several foods and amplify this DNA to detect the presence or the absence of GMO by electrophoretic method. Don’t forget the coffee breaks !

At the end of the day, the students of some countries came to present the results. Collen had the chance to participate in this presentation !

Thursday, February 13th

On Thursday, we went to Speyer to visit a cathedral and a technical museum there. After one hour of transport, we directly arrived at the cathedral. We have make a small tour on foot to visit the streets of Speyer. It’s a pity, the weather was not nice !

A small moment of spare time was granted to us to make some small purchases. The store of candy was to be satisfied seen well performed bags when we went out there !

The museum of Speyer is a technical museum, it gathers several themes such as the astronomy, the automobile, the aviation but also all which is train, war machines and everything that goes with it.
It is an immense museum, in which we made a "treasure hunt". A questionnaire was given to the groups beforehand.

Friday, February 14th

Back in France, to make discover to our European friends the freshness of Strasbourg. To start, we visited the European parliament.Useless to tell you that it’s awesome, even for French poeple !

Then, we ate in a restaurant, in which we discovered "flamenkuche" to all the tastes, even apple flamenkuche for the end of the meal !
With the well filled stomach, we continued the day with the visit of the cathedral of Strasbourg. It’s a cathedral of 144 m in height !

The day ended by a shopping time to fill again our suitcases which did not already close at the beginning, as well as by a guided tour by boat of Strasbourg and its beautiful canals!
Last evening in Germany ... Everybody is tired but nobody wanted to leave. France missed us but one more week would not have been of refusal! We were going to have to leave our friends!
To leave as is proper, a last dinner all together was organized to the restaurant Rabeneck, always accompanied with a speech of Mr Braun, but this time, more moving. We were able to exchanged our address and phone number with our friends! For French, we took in particular those of Rafaël, with whom we had fun well !

Saturday, February 15h

Here we are, the big day came, it’s the moment to leave. Everybody has a hard time has to close theirs suitcase!
Along, why so many candies ?

The return was exactly made in the inverse direction that the start, with a small coffee break in Karlsruhe (Yes, we become used to it at the end of week!).
Small running to buy the unforgettable pretzel and the Apfelstrudel, but rewarded by a good coffee (or chocolate).

In the train, some seemed... tired !

Goodbye Comenius !!