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Decoding the human as well as many viral and bacterial genomes in 2003 has opened up new possibilities for diagnostics not only in medicine but also in agriculture and environmental protection. Concrete ideas for medical diagnostic procedures are born mainly from the deeper and deeper understanding of the molecular causes of diseases. This contributes significantly to the development of new, more sensitive, and often quicker methods of diagnosis. The disease of cancer can now be detected much earlier and therefore treated more successfully.

Europe should take a leading role in the field of development of such innovative methods of diagnosis.

Project Objectives

The aim of the partner schools in this project is to develop into competence centres in the field of innovative diagnostics. As project results, action-oriented teaching modules will be developed in cooperation with all schools.

Students will be trained to become knowledgeable mentors in this field. In addition, they will acquire peer leadership skills. They will share their knowledge with the audience of participants as lecturers during experimental laboratory workshops that will serve the evaluation of the developed teaching modules.

At the same time they will continue with the implementation of the modules in the classroom at the partner schools. This way, the students will be sensitivised towards these issues and take relevant professions in order to strengthen European business position in this area.

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Video of the third part of the Comenius project in Evreux - April 2015